About Us & Pricing

Welcome.  Let me tell you a bit more about me.  I have had the pleasure of capturing special moments and events for several years now and really understand what my customers are looking for.   I cover anywhere in the world but am based in Galashiels in the heart of the Scottish Borders.

Why Choose me?  Good question.  I feel that my passion shows through my photography and I am sure after looking through my portfolio and feedback from previous customers and clients, you will see that I have a fantastic rapport and approach to each and every person I work with.

Each wedding or event is different but through continuous meet ups or communication, I always feel that we collectively come to perfect bespoke package that suits your requirements.

Our aim is to produce breath-taking and lasting memories.

I source our medium from many professional print lab suppliers to provide a variety of print; canvas; poster; photo book, USB memory sticks and wedding album options.

We use the latest professional equipment and professional editing software for post production, to create stunning High Quality images and products.

We are fully covered with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance for peace of mind.

Please get in touch for more information.

Additional Products:

Additional Photographer –  £250

Bespoke Presentation Box with USB and small 40 page spread Photo Album –  £175

Bespoke Premium Wedding Album from –  £300

packages can be tailored to suit your requirements



USB Products

Standard USB and Album

Luxury Wedding Album and USB

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Style Preferred

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New Year Photoshoot

Special Offers available at Richard Howden Photography in the Scottish Borders. Photoshoots in the Studio - Individual, Groups or Families welcome.  Prices start from £40. Contact us for more information.

Spring Promotions

Ended   Its coming into spring and the sun is out, occassionally! Take advantage of my Spring promotions.  Studio Photoshoot for £35 with free prints and CD. Wedding offers with 10% off my packages. Also if you share my status and generate a photoshoot or wedding...


What is your Style?

We have 2 styles of photography.  Traditional and Documentary.  At most weddings we mix these styles to allow us to catch those special moments with minimal intrusion, but at the same time we communicate when required for official photos if this is part of the day.  If you require true Documentary style then throughout the day I will be blending in as a guest as much as possible and allowing you to enjoy your day.


Do we receive the images in B&W as well? 

Most of our work is a mixture of the two and we make a decision through experience as to which image should be in colour or B&W.  This can be reversed or changed if requested.  You do however have the option to choose an ever growing popular style of B&W only.


What equipment do you use?

We use the latest Mirrorless Fujifilm professional cameras.  My main camera is the Fuji X-H1 and my Secondary camera is a Fuji X-T2, with a variety of professional grade zoom and prime lenses.  You may wonder why not Nikon or Canon like most photographers.  We did work with the Nikon DSLR cameras but decided to move to the Fuji Mirrorless system as we felt there were many benefits for the Wedding industry by utilising these cameras extra features.  They allow for a live preview of the shot we will get, they also offer a completely silent electronic shutter option where required.  We also use a few flash guns and triggers for certain setups when required.  We don’t believe in tripod setups, reflectors, soft box rigs etc as this can take up far too much time and can be overpowering.  The occasional tripod may be used in low light scenarios but only when we feel a great need for it.


Are you insured?

Yes.  We are fully insured for both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.  This means that we are insured if we have an accident, we cause an accident, damages to your belongings and ours.


What happens if you are ill and can’t make the wedding?

Thankfully this has never happened.  In the eventuality that this would happen then we would do our utmost to ensure another photographer is there to record your big day.  We would still take responsibility to edit and produce your images if required.  In the eventuality that we could not find a replacement then a full refund would be given within 30 days.


Do we need to meet you?

There is no requirement to meet.  If you feel that you would like to meet to discuss specifics or to just put a face to the name then this is not a problem at all and we can make an arrangement to meet.  If not then again this is fine.  We know what we are doing in general and any changes or differences in the order of the day can be communicated by email or discussed on the day if necessary.  All we really need from you is the date, location, names, official photo list, times etc.  There will be a contract drawn up for the initial booking and another stating terms and conditions of the booking.


Do I travel?

We mostly work within the Scottish Borders, Northumberland and Lothian area but when required we are willing to travel further including abroad at an additional cost.


Are the photographs copyrighted?

Images remain the property of Richard Howden Photography, however you will have full rights to distribute and print for personal and family use.  This in turn allows us to share your images freely without concent.  When sharing publicly, recognition is given to Richard Howden Photography in accordance with ownership rights.  The full rights and ownership of the images can be purchased at an additional cost.


How much is the deposit and when is the final payment?

The deposit for any of our packages is £200.  The Final payment is due 1 month before your big day for Weddings.  If the final payment is not received within the month before the Wedding day then we have the right to cancel the booking with the deposit being non-refundable.


How many photos do we get?

We believe that quality is more important than quantity.  After much deliberation and feedback we believe that anywhere between 250 – 350 images is a realistic amount to receive.  Anything more than this normaly results in close duplicates and it can become a task more than a positive experience looking through your images.  If a second photographer is required then there are normally many more candid shots taken and this in turn would result in more photos being delivered.


Does the weather affect the day?

Our equipment is fully weather sealed and we can shoot in the rain, snow and wind when required.  The only potential impact for us depends on the location and if roads were impassible due to accidents, or an act of god so to speak.


Do you have photo albums?

Yes we do provide photo albums.  However they are much less common now and most images are presented on a Printed DVD or a bespoke USB and presentation box.  If you decide you would like an album we use a professional lab to design, produce and deliver our beautiful albums.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.  Your photographer is there to ensure they capture your whole day and create a record of events.  Take care when choosing a photographer and ensure they have the appropriate Professional Insurances.

Richard Howden Photography has Full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.